“Easy to Understand”

Sue immediately made me feel more confident about what I was trying to do. I decided that I would always have her as my yoga teacher. Sue is very passionate about the theoretical aspect of what she is doing and passes this on to her class in an 'easy to understand' way. If you are unable to perform a movement she will help in a very patient manner. She has a very gentle, calm personality which helps even the newcomers to be at ease with the class. I particularly enjoy Yin Yoga; before I knew Sue I had not heard of this before. In performing all of the movements herself, Sue knows all of the parts which might be difficult and offers ways to improve performance, and even make the movement harder and/or more beneficial. I love Sue's classes, and I'm upset if I have to miss one as they have become an important part of my health and wellbeing routine. The atmosphere is always calm, and very welcoming, even for a lone man in a class of ladies! Her classes are so much more than just a weekly yoga class, there is a lovely social 'buzz' to the group. I love the way Sue walks around during a particularly intricate movement and gently suggests improvement on a personal level. This is very important to me! I feel the benefits in my strength and suppleness by feeling adequately 'stretched' but not worked to exhaustion, as I have sometimes experienced in other classes.


“The Best Teacher I Have Ever Had”

You keep it real, and achievable expectations from students. You Always give different pose options to cater for all levels, and always easy to understand. It’s obvious you are passionate about yoga, you increase your own knowledge and skills and then pass them on to us, which we appreciate. You have a calm, serene aura which rubs off to students. You teach different styles of yoga, Hatha, yin yoga etc, workshops. Your classes are welcoming with inclusivity to all students, positive energy, a friendly atmosphere, Great music choices. In a nutshell the best teacher I have ever had. Thank you for giving me happy years of yoga


“Confidence to Push Myself Safely”

Things I love about the classes. The classes vary each week. Flexibility to be able do a class at a different venue and love the online classes. You can enjoy the class no matter what level you are at. Like how I can always tell the next day I have done one of your classes as I always ache but that’s a good thing makes it feel worthwhile. Like the flexible way payment method works when we are doing face to face classes. You give me confidence to push myself safely. You have a wealth of knowledge on yoga and the body. You provide clear instructions/descriptions of each move we do. Offering different alternatives and always making us aware of the warning signs that we are pushing ourselves too far. You are very friendly and approachable. You are always looking at different ways to keep classes interesting with different themes. You do a great job Sue.


“I Feel so Relaxed After Each Class”

You are an excellent teacher. You explain everything fully 're different postures etc. You also walk around the class making sure everyone is ok with the postures. If the person is not ok with the posture you explain maybe a slightly different way to do this or an alternative posture. Do not push yourself if you feel any pain at all. Although I have been to different yoga classes over the last 25 years I must say you are the best teacher I have ever had. It is a really friendly class with a good atmosphere at all times we have lots of space between all of us I Feel so relaxed after each class and also mentally better too, a big thank you to you Sue.


“Well Structured and Informative”

“Just a short message to tell you how much I am enjoying your classes, especially since lockdown, as it has kept me motivated and gives me something to look forward to. Your classes both in person or online are very well structured and informative. They have the correct balance of physical practice and meditative practice. You manage to stretch our capabilities and there is no discrimination of individual ability whether it be physical, mental, or age orientated. Your teaching is easy to follow, with each move explained and demonstrated stating the benefits of the poses. Your relaxation techniques are sheer bliss. Thank you for everything.”

Vera W.

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